HTM Hospital Medical Equipment Rental

The Unexpected Ripple Effect of One Rental Decision


The Right Choice Saves More Than Just Money

Unbelievable facts: Medical equipment rental providers are not held to the same industry standards as OEMs. Since quality costs money, you can imagine the corners that get cut. As a result, patient care suffers, and your staff grows more frustrated every day.

Quality and reliability problems also lead to “bad rental” habits that increase your total costs.


Supply, Deliver & Install


Cost Saving Solution

Our rental services get you the best quality equipment.

When your medical facility needs reliable equipment to meet the health needs of your community, you can trust HTM for your hospital medical equipment rental needs. We are fully equipped to fulfill the demands of any customer, whether it is a single department or an entire facility.

We provide a variety of hospital medical equipment rental solutions for your peak-need, short-term or long-term needs. All medical devices arrive at the hospital patient-ready and factory-tested by certified technicians.